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Science Meets Art?

In an absolutely delightful bit of fiction in the best tradition of steam punk comes the Telectroscope; a device allowing Londoners to see right the way through a transatlantic tunnel to New York, and vice versa.

You really ought to suspend your own disbelief long enough to imagine a project undertaken in the late 1800’s wherein engineers attempt to dig all the way beneath the Atlantic Ocean for the sole purpose of erecting a transatlantic viewing device. The Telectroscope Project is on view in both New York and London (of course) from May 22 through June 15, 2008.

On the cusp of tremendous imagination and invention, authors such as Jules Verne, and HG Wells were fueling fantastic possibilities and with it our own confidence to make our imagined dreams reality through science and the designs of technology. From the fertile imagination of artist Paul St. George and ARTICHOKE,  The Telectroscope Project has a complete back story filled with intrigue and adventure.

Enjoy! 😮


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