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Amazing Planet – Amazing!

I watch a lot of documentaries and this one is excellent. Produced in 2006 by National Geographic Geographic Channel, it’s available on DVD, from the video store, online store or your local library.

It’s an action packed three hours featuring Born in Fire, Ocean Realm, and, Destructive Forces. The pace is intense, the science is great, and the sheer big-picture comprehension of our wonderful world is something you’ll carry with you. This isn’t a green-agenda production. It’s a powerful exposition of the latest facts and theories of our current understanding of Earth, it’s origins, it’s geologic and climatic processes, and includes a sneak peak into our possible future.

In fact I was recently revisiting my collection of Mars images from the two rovers currently trotting across the Martian landscape. I was struck by the evidence of Mars’ own water and wind, and yet it being so desolate. I suddenly realized, but for our own Earth orbit around our star, the Sun, there go we.

Born of Fire focuses not only on volcanology, but on the entire “fire cycle” where Earth’s crust is made, subducted, and re-made; the origin of our atmosphere and our water; and the titanic forces of plate tectonics.

Ocean Realm deals with seven-tenths of our planet, our oceans. We know more about the Moon and Mars than we do about our own oceans. You’ll discover just how important the Earth’s oceans are to our weather, and our climate, and our atmosphere.

Destructive Forces focuses on the three most powerful elemental erosive forces on Earth; wind, water, and time. I know a good deal about these forces having, as most of us have, studied them in science classes from High School through College Geology, but this presentation is fresh and engaging.

If you love good science, well presented, you’ll want to check out Amazing Planet by National Geographic.

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