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I have a set of blogs I read each day of the week, seven little folders each containing that day’s ration of reading. If I didn’t keep them in a little daily folder I’d wander all through my list of favorite blogs and would probably miss something really meaningful, or I’d go through the first six in the list day after day.

In my Sunday folder is Real Live Preacher. Pastor and author Gordon Atkinson has been writing essays since 2002. Now an established author, he is a frequent contributor to The Christian Century, The High Calling, and, Wittenberg Door (DISCLAIMER-the Wittenburg site is not for everybody.)

What I like about Atkinson, and others like him, is that he’s an unassuming man of God. He seems to wear his faith like a set of favorite, well-fitting clothes. It suits him (no pun intended); it belongs; it’s a real, authentic part of him.

I admire authenticity.

His writing style is often frank, always playful, and seems to come from someone who’s living mindfully, as author Ellen J. Langer puts it.

In a piece written for Christian Century (01-15-2008), Atkinson shares a delightful episode from his own childhood. He revisits a pair of night-time mysteries which later granted him a wondrous understanding of the harmonious mysteries of Faith, and Brother Scientist.

Listen Deeply. Be at Peace. Grow.


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