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Know The Truth & Grow

Oh my goodness… it’s been almost a month.

I’ve been reading some great books.  Watching some great docs.  I’ve been taking some time for me as we have now finished closing our theatre company.

When I engage in creative transitions I turn to, among others, the writings of Julia Cameron.  She has written a series of books, the first of Which is The Artist’s Way, a book of hope, direction, and nourishment for recovering creatives (artists of all stripes).

I’ve just finished her autobiographically oriented book, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance.  Right now I’m racing through a wonderful work of counsel and wisdom called, Letters to a Young Artist: Building a Life in Art.

Finding Water is really a journey through Cameron’s own collection of Morning Pages.  If you do not yet know what Morning Pages are, you really need to read, The Artist’s Way.  It’s a book wherein we, the reader, walk with Cameron through a really challenging dry-spell.  In so doing we can learn to take our eyes off of ourselves, seek perople amd tools of help, healing, nurture, and nourishment.

I found a couple of sections to be redundant, but on the whole the book is a genuine journey through Cameron’s head in a time of simply holding on, something most of us “creatives” do from time to time.

Letters to a Young Artist is literally a collection of responses by Cameron to questions she recieves from artists all over the country.  It’s a distilled collection of questions and responses which, in true Cameronesque fashion, cut to the heart of the matter and says what needs to be said.  Cameron doesn’t pussy-foot around.  She’s never brutal, but she is direct.  That’s how much love and care she has for those of us who read her books for counsel.

If you really want to pursue art – whatever the medium- get your hands on the works of this author, Julia Cameron.  You’ll be nurtured and nourished with the truth.

Open. Enlarge. Create.


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