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Buried Secrets Indeed

I’ve been cranking out loads of art and thoroughly enjoying the Holidays.  By the way I hope you’ve all had a very Merry Christ*mas and will enjoy the blessings of a prosperous New Year.

53288-78I’ve got another awesome NOVA special for this post; “The Bible’s Buried Secrets”.  I’ve watched it on-line so far, but will be checking out the DVD from my local library just as soon as it’s available.

Most of the time I’m incredibly suspicious of programs like PBS/NOVA or PBS/Frontline even attempting to get anything right about the Christian faith, but this production is a wonder filled eye opener.

When you watch you need to remember DISCUSSION not DEBATE.  This program is NOT a debate about whether Christianity is “dangerous”, or even “true”.  This wonderful production has no agenda and to understand this more clearly, read the text interview of Senior Executive Producer, Paula Apsell.  The program bears out what Apsell states, there is no agenda.

In case you haven’t caught on here, one of the reasons I write this blog is because I see incredible harmonies between the gifts of science and the gifts of faith.  I’m weary of the pointless  “debate” over nothing between science and faith.  So when I find awesome programs demonstrating how science reveals that which is, and faith enriches our lives with direction & purpose, I simply must share it.

For additional views on this incredible program, you may want to read Professor Kenneth Atkinson’s piece in Biblical Archaeological Review of November/2008.

Let me know how this program (as discussion) enriched your understanding of this subject.

Enjoy. Enlarge. Become More.


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