Living at the convergence of faith and art.

Making Art in Faith

MAGMA RAIN-0409-01-SMI’ve been making art, lots of art.  I’ve been digging to find my visual voice.  I’ve been working through my process to remain constantly productive.  I’ve been thinking about my blog, Creative Harmonies.

In as much as I love science, I’m at a place where I want to explore more of my ventures into the convergence of Faith & Art.  Science often informs both for me and there will still be plenty of it here, but it is my faith in God and my art which drives my life and about which I prefer to devote the lion’s share of my efforts.  In short,  I will spend far less time exploring the convergence of the three great domains of faith, science, and art, and focus most of my efforts upon the two.

The Creative Life has its journeys, and the quest for one’s place and one’s voice lies at its heart.  I’ve trained and worked in many media; film, video, photography, theatre, drawing & painting.  With the recent closure of the theatre company I used to lead, I’ve turned to the fresh ground of visual art, largely collage and painting.  When one medium dries up, turn to another, and so it is to abstract painting and collage that I’ve turned.

I used to be surprised to learn that many artists search for their creativityMAGMA RAIN-0409-02-SM within more than one media.  Actor, Viggo Mortenson also paints, and writes poetry.  Paul McCartney, possibly the greatest rock composer of the twentieth century, also paints.  David Bowie works out many of his creative ideas for his music through painting.  Film Director, James Cameron has an excellent hand at drawing and often frustrates his production designers with his very finished visual presentations.  The list goes on and on.

I’ve been accused of being a Jack of all Trades and Master of none, but I know myself far better.  I learn by doing.   When it comes to learning something deeply and quickly, I’m a “show ‘n’ tell” kid.  For me, exploration into many media has all-ways been an informative journey of creative growth.  I’ve learned to loosen up, to stop connecting every dot, to play jazz and improvise.

GENESIS-0409-01-SMThe gift of loosening and opening alone has offered me new vistas of creativity.  In as much as I relish technical drawing and structural design (I did all of the set designs for our theatre), there is both the rigidity of dimensions and the fluidity of proportion in architectural structure to consider.  In theatre, add the third element of showing story and you can see that learning to loosen up is vital to powerful design.

Regardless of the medium, what unifies my art is story.  All off my work is about telling a story.  Whether it’s how the sections of an airliner are designed, assembled, and joined; how a major software company publishes books to help people use their product; how a family tried to survive the holocaust in an Amsterdam attic, all of my art communicates story.

The collage quilt-blocks I’m currently creating is an exploration of quilt-GENESIS-0409-04-SMmakers, their art & craft.  It amazes me how a person can imbue a “blanket” with a chapter of their life, but that’s what happens whenever something is handmade.  Some element of the maker is found in the piece which is made, the fingerprints of their life, if you will.  That’s why I’ve named my online gallery, “Fingerprints“.

I hope you’ll join me as I turn a corner from the rather intellectual pursuit for which I started this blog, toward the storytelling creativity at the union of faith & art here at Creative Harmonies.

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