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Moved On. Moved Up. Moved Again.

I have moved a great many times in my life.  I relate to military, and missionary kids.  They’re always moving somewhere else. By the time I’d married I must’ve moved, oh, at least eleven times.  I’m sure that’s nothing for mil. and miss. kids.

This time we took seven weeks, one carload at a time, to relocate back in Seattle proper from the South Seattle “burbs”.  We’ve merged homes, and lives, and in the process we’re becoming a stronger family and richer persons.

We live with my father-in-law who’s in his latter eighties, and dealing with the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s.  He needs help, watching over, lots of love, and family in his life right now.  We’re here to be that support for him.

This is a rich time for us as a family.  My bride of thirty-plus years, and our three children, are transitioning from a twenty-plus year homeschool experience, to the kids getting ready to fly out on their own, and to our helping add value to Dad’s life. We see it as an opportunity, an enrichment, for all concerned.  He loves having  his grandkids around, and doesn’t mind someone else doin’ the cookin’ either!

This union of lives in this very close proximity makes an environment of very creative harmonies.  My wife told me at the beginning that it’ll be a little like the families went through in The Diary of Anne Frank.  Many people were living in tight quarters, learning new ways to live together with their tiffs, and their celebrations.

It’s one thing to move.  It’s quite another to blend two full households of stuff; memories, needs, wants, and hopes.  So we’re all sorting, re-prioritizing, discarding, and streamlining.  We’re all becoming something new in this wonderful, somewhat stress-filled new life with all of its own set of creative harmonies.

That’s why I’ve been neglectful at posting, and may still be so.

Thanks for your patience!


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