Living at the convergence of faith and art.

Still Searching

It’s been a while since we moved.  In that time we were given only weeks with my father-in-law, and now he’s gone.  We’re coming out of the grieving but we’re still incredibly busy with family responsibilities.  I’ve been using the time to continue studying.  I’ve been journaling almost everyday.  I’ve been reading and finding resources to read.  As we approach a new year, it occurred to me that it was time to say something here.

I’m finding my way through what I call the faith & arts movement.  Of all the creative harmonies I have yet encountered none have been more meaningful or significant to me than the seamless unity of my faith and my art.  I find myself returning to a more deeply articulated pursuit of my interests as stated in my June 4th post – Making Art in Faith.

In a recent conversation with a fellow artist friend I found myself exclaiming that in the last ten years I’ve learned so much.  That statement surprised me.  I hadn’t realized just how much I have learned and I’m in the process of exploring much of that gift from God.

There’s a lot about my recent theatre leadership which was extremely painful, and from each and every event I learned something about artists of faith.  I learned about myself, about my fellow artists and about the chasm we straddle between people of faith and non-believers.  I learned about how both sides criticize us, sometimes with great justification.  Sorry for the cliche’, but it’s true – No pain, no gain.  I know, I hate it too, but it seems our greatest personal advances are made when we’re severely challenged – even by friends.

What lies ahead, in addition to carving out new space to make art again, is to continue my studies and to share them with you.  I’m creating my own MFA – Masters in Faith & Art.  Yes, I am doing some study online with what’s called Open Courseware (OCW), but I’m not attending school in the formal sense.  I am applying the same principles of unschooling I used in twenty years of homeschooling our children, to my own personal pursuit.

That’s where I am today, re-emerging from challenges, embracing new ones, and turning all of my life’s encounters into art.



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