Living at the convergence of faith and art.

Faith & Arts Movement Growing

Bronx the Gargoyle - Copyright (c) Lewis M. Curtiss jr / 2010

In case you’re wondering where to look for advise about how to connect your faith with your art, you might begin here.

I could go on and on and on, in fact I could create an entire blog or website dedicated to nothing but world resources for artists of faith.  But today I’m going to share just four and hope that gets you going.  I encourage you to look at the purpose/vision/mission of these organizations and to delve into their resources/links pages.

The Faith & Arts Movement is just that, a movement.  In this movement I sense God’s Holy Spirit chasing away the frequently offered low-quality chiche’s so often produced.  These are professional organizations committed to both God’s truths and creative excellence.

Subscribe to the newsletters.  Read the articles.  What you’ll find are deeply committed Christians, and very talented creatives, all working to glorify God by giving Him their very best work.  You may also find a great deal of personal, spiritual, and creative guidance.


IMAGE Journal

Based here in Seattle,WA, lead by publisher/editor Gregory Wolfe;

Image speaks with equal force and relevance to the secular culture and to the church. By finding fresh ways for the imagination to embody religious truth and religious experience, Image challenges believers and nonbelievers alike.

Through a commitment to artistic excellence and religious truth, Image has taken its place on the “public square” and is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of our national culture.

IAM: International Arts Movement

Based in New York City, NY, founded by artist Mako Fujimura;

IAM gathers artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith and humanity in order to inspire the creative community to engage the culture that is and create the world that ought to be.

Art Lessons From God

Based in Inman, SC, run by artist Tony Snipes:

Art Lessons From God is a discussion group and web publication produced by Kreative Kingdom, Inc. (a non-propfit organization). Our purpose it to help Artists and Designers discover their purpose by discussing those same questions from their point of view:

Based in the Netherlands, lead by editor-in-chief, Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker:

It is our dream that the Christian world may become familiar with the quality art that is increasingly available. It is our dream that these works may find their way into our homes, schools, churches and other cultural institutions, that they may become more widely known.


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