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Mako Fujimura: A Letter to the Churches

Makoto Fujimura

This is going to be short and sweet, but I have something important to share with you from artist, author, arts advocate, Makoto Fujimura.

I know Mako has been “in the trenches” for quite some time regarding the restoration of that deeply profound relationship once enjoyed by the church and artists of faith.  So deeply committed to the re-emergence of this union is he, that Fujimura and a small group of like minded creatives founded The International Arts Movement (IAM), an organization specifically created to serve the spiritual and creative needs of artists of faith.

Recently, Mako was invited by the Eighth Letter Conference for the Epiphineia in Toronto to compose and present a Letter to the Churches of North America.  This is profound reading.

Enjoy.  Be Nourished.


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