Living at the convergence of faith and art.

A Fresh New Look

My Favorite Art ShoesAs I tear into a new season of art-making, and exploring the convergence of faith & art, I though about giving the blog a brand new “paint job”.  Here it is, and I hope it makes your reading experience far more useful, meaningful and engaging.

Creative Harmonies is about faith driven art, about faith driven art-making, about living the life of one of God’s faith driven creatives.  It’s about my own journey through this realm at the convergence of faith & art, as well as the experiences of others whom I’m pleased to meet along the way.

I don’t use a regular schedule to post, but I do post about things of tremendous interest to me, and I hope to you as well.  And since the season of my elder care responsibilities is behind me, I will be making more art, and with that, posting about the journey far more often.

Seek first Him and His kingdom.  Make meaning.  Share it with all of us.


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