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Featured Artist: ArtFX Studio-Gallery, 11/03/11 – 01/29/12

Preview-03I’m working furiously (happily) creating new works for an upcoming show at a wonderful little studio-gallery in Fremont, ArtFX.  I’ll be posting more details here in the near future, but for now, I’m just creating and getting organized for this event.  I haven’t been this “nervous” since my last performance on stage in a production of Little Women.  I played the father, and enjoyed every minute of that as well.

Showing my work at galleries is somewhat new to me.  I’m learning a great deal about the discipline of producing a body of work, preparing them for showing, getting the photography done, and the Artist’s Statement finished and polished.  It’s not that this is overwhelming by any stretch, it’s just a brand new phase of my creative career.  I’m looking forward to all that I will learn, and to preparing for the next show, wherever that may be.

What excites me most about this phase of the work right now is that with each stack of these Collage Quilt Blocks I create, it’s like Christmas morning.  I get up and unpack the press stack to see the finished glue-up phase and I’m surprised everytime.  It’s the same way with hand-painting the paperstocks I use; after they’ve hung to dry for 3 or 4 hours, it’s always a surprise to me how they have turned out.  The textures are both tactile and visual, embodying colorful form as well as physical terrain.

The fact that I’ve given my best at making creative decisions, and done my best at the craft of making each piece of the best quality I am capable, is no guarantee that I control the outcome. I am merely along for the ride as it were; gathering materials of myriad abstract form, cutting them into geometrics of well established quilt patterns, and combining them into new expressions of the quilter’s art.  That’s why, for myself and many other artists about whom I read, art-making is in every way an act of faith.  There’s a need to trust that the work will, in effect, find its own way.  I’m just there to help with the birthing process.

Every sheet of paperstock I paint, every collage block I produce is one of a kind.  No two even resemble one another.  It’s a little like looking through the telescope at a differentOld Friends 02 galaxy every night, they’re simply all different from one another.

And so, day in and happy day out, I make beauty that I hope will be meaningful to others.  Whatever a person sees in any single piece is their own journey.  I’m just glad that I played a part in helping them along the way.

May your own creativity blossom.  May you too share it with all of us.


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