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Featured Artist at ArtFx Studio Gallery – Nov 03 through Jan 29

artfx-web-logo2I have been given a great opportunity and am the Featured Artist at the ArtFx Studio Gallery in the Fremont District of Seattle.  The show will run from November 3 through January 29 where my Collage Quilt Block artworks will be on display and for sale.

There will be an Artist’s Reception on Nov. 4 from 6-9pm.  This opening coincides with the Fremont First Friday Art Walk, so there will be loads of art to see and open galleries to walk through.

If you’re in town, I’d love to see you at the reception.

These Collage Quilt Blocks are my own abstract reinterpretation of that timeless artform, quilting.  I’ve long been enamoured with both the design and storytelling qualities of traditional quilts.  And at a major Quilt Show in Portland, Oregon, I was blown away by the awesome imagination of those who produce art quilts.  It’s as if they’re painting in cloth & fibre.

Having spent time around quilts, pouring through coffee-table quilt books, and just taking in this incredibly beautiful artform, I found myself "Rock 'n' Roll"seeing the quilt as collage.  My vision had changed and I no longer saw merely beautiful blankets, but fabric assemblages of color and texture.  By following my creative nose, I found myself creating these visually powerful blocks.  They’re based on traditional forms which I have researched and chosen specifically for their movement and energy.

I use upcycled materials, hand-painting my paperstocks, and accepting gifts of surplus latex paint and masonite panels.  I find working in latex pigments to be every bit as agile as both watercolors and acrylics.  I can do almost anything with these paints, and they end up on walls as art instead of in landfills somewhere.  To my mind these works are a win-win.

"Fire Star"I work with the large sheets of textured paper just as one would fabric.  I literally crop and cut each individual piece, working with the visual force of motion and energy found in the paperstocks.  When it all comes together, it’s always a surprise.  I love getting into the studio in the morning and opening up the stack press to see the dried, pressed, finished piece.

I hope to meet you at the reception, but if you can’t make that, this work will be on display for the entire holiday season.  Stop by and tell ’em Lew sent you!

Happy creativity!


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