Living at the convergence of faith and art.

After the Party

Art TableYou know how it is when you’ve hosted a really good party.  There’s bits and pieces of stuff lying all around; shreds of streamers, dirty dishes, empty glasses.  It’s the stuff of friends and family having been there.  It all looks just as if they have simply had fun, said “Goodbye,” and walked away.  Their presence and laughter almost hangs in the air.

That’s what the ArtRoom looks looks this morning; a brush rests in the water pot, the hair-dryer sits on the worktable, a press block has not been put away yet.  It’s a scene of something having just happened.  It bumps the heart for a moment.  My usual reaction to the morning after a party is to savor the memory; to hear our guest’s voices again; to capture the fleeting scent of the moment.  In the end, a party becomes an ethereal memory in just a heartbeat.

The really great thing about art-making is that it’s up to me to start another “party.”  It’s my job to straighten up the ArtRoom a bit and get back to making more artworks, because in art-making, the fun never stops.

Water GardenAt the ArtFx Studio Gallery, where I currently have a show on view, I’m available on the evening of the First Friday ArtWalk there in Fremont.  I get to answer people’s many fascinating questions and enjoy their reactions to the body of work on display.  I love listening to them because I learn a lot about their perceptions to the work.  I get to share in their own personal revelations as they engage the many pieces hanging on the wall.  And in this case, since these works deal with the art of quilts, I’m gifted with their stories about quilts; everything from how they make their own quilts, to their recollections of quilts they own.  It’s priceless.

But there’s still the morning after the party.  The ArtRoom’s empty.  There’s no new work on the tables waiting for the next steps of making, and there’s no regret, remorse, or after-party let down.  I simple get to make more.  I get to begin at the beginning and make more paperstock, and create more collage quilt blocks, and group them into new and exciting pieces of new artworks.

What happens next is entirely up to me.  The Gallery Reception was fun, and there’s another just a month away, and I’ve moved on to the next generation in my work.  But there’s little time to sit and savor what’s done and gone.  Right now it’s time to get back to work creating art that engages conversation, contemplation, and brings a little beauty into people’s lives.

Happy Creativity!


2 responses

  1. Lynette

    Hi Lew, You will never seace( SP) to amaze me with your love of art and how our Lord is useing you in it. I love the piece that is displayed in the picture next to the Christmas tree. It is beautiful. Many great adventures to you my brother.

    December 3, 2011 at 5:39 pm

  2. Lew

    Thank you Lynette – your words are a wonderful encouragement. It’s kind of funny about the new work next to the Christmas tree. I brought two of them to the gallery just to show the guys so they could see where my work is going toward now. Before we had said two words about it, they were clearing off space on the wall and hung them right there and then. I’m glad you like it, and you will be seeing a lot more work in that and other formats.

    December 3, 2011 at 10:54 pm