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Creative Journeys: A Path of Discovery

ArtFx Gallery WallAs I look forward from the current showing I have up to what’s next for my work, I am reminded of the creative journey I’m on, and how I’ve come to this place.

A lot of artists I read about talk of how they’re engaged in “process,” or how the materials drive the “making.”  While I agree with both of these motivations, mine is much more about the discoveries which emerge throughout the journey of making.  As long as I’m willing to get up, get into the ArtRoom, and become open to the possibilities, I am taken on a journey of, “What about this?  What if we added these?  How about this?  What’s that do for it?”

I find it useful to revisit my creative journey simply because it causes me to make course corrections; to realize the fertile place from whence came my current work; to appreciate the fact that I’m not stagnate, but am developing new elements to the work I’m making.  I revisit the journey, less to justify what I’m making than to reground my choices.  It’s a lot like checking and rechecking the road map along the way.

What’s most fascinating to me about checking where I’m at and where I’ve come from are the serendipities along the way.  Art, when it’s merely nurtured and not mauled into submission, has a tendency to take me places I’ve never imagined.  These discoveries are priceless gifts because I’ve chosen to live in a creatively nourishing and nurturing place.

The creative garden doesn’t grow unless it’s got lots of chicken pooh and compost all thoroughly turned in to the soil.  The garden needs seed, sun, water, and frequent attention, and without forcing it into being, the fruits of my labors emerge.  They timidly break the ground seeking the light of life.  They begin simply, undeveloped, and hungry for water, air, and the light of day.  Like a new fruit tree, these new works need pruning and gentle guidance to encourage them to produce the best fruit.

Last Friday night while at the ArtFx Gallery responding to questions, one young lady asked me if I know what I’m going to be doing next.  I told her that I’m incredibly excited because I have a sense of the next steps out ahead of me, and I can’t wait to get back into the ArtRoom and begin working on them.  Through my Morning Pages (Julia Cameron), art journal, and sketchbook, I always have something creative in development.

The future – the near future – is filled with many possibilities waiting to be explored.  It is in those explorations that I will find new works, new processes, and new bodies of work.

Are you on a creative journey?  Is it something you review from time to time?  How do you feel your way forward creatively?  Creatively, what are you nurtured and nourished by?

Have Courage.  Don’t think too much.  Live and create in Faith.


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