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2012: Rampin’ It Up!

This theme of releasing the past, turning around and facing the future has been something the Lord and I’ve been dealing with for a while now.  The biggest gift I’ve been given this time round is that in order to move on it’s important to simply make a new tomorrow.  It’s about not looking back, not making repairs, and not re-working what’s already been lived and gone.  It all reminded me of the song Don’t Stop, by Fleetwood Mac.

A number of years ago, during a rehearsal break, a dear theatre friend came up to me and the Music Director, and feeling tremendous release from former criticisms, she just hugged us.  With tears in her eyes she said, “I feel like I’ve come home here.”  She’d been carrying around the burden of opposition and rejection of her art for a long time.  She had nearly given it all up until she auditioned for us.  That first season she played major roles in, I think, three of the four productions we did.

Later on returning the gift she introducing me to Julia Cameron and The Artists’ Way.  In those pages, which I’ve long since dog-eared, annotated, and highlighted, I found another level of my own release from the burden of opposition and criticism.  It lead me to both art-journaling as a faith practice, and to “artist dates” for creative nurture.

It is art-journaling which now has become my devotional time with God.  The writing is spontaneous, prayerful, even meditative.  I simply write what He and I are working through at the moment.  These days I fill my journals with praise, gratitude, challenges, celebrations, in both imagery and words.  It has become the richest source of inspiration I have for the artworks I’m making.

This year, I’m not looking back.  God has brought me to this place of love and safety and I no longer need to turn around in regret wanting to “fix” something back there.  This year I am facing forward, ramping up the art practice and looking forward to a tremendous year of blessings.

For another perspective, from blogger, writer, actor, Jeff Berryman: Thriving and the Now Factor.

Here’s to a new year; for you may it be filled with God’s richest blessings of abundance and deep, creative growth.  And do me a favor, won’t you?  Let me know how you’re doing, what you’re overcoming, and how you’re growing through it all.


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  1. I am excited for 2012. It is a new year and there are a lot of things I have learned that I will be able to put into practice.

    There is a lot that I have learned about myself in the last six months, even. One of the biggest blessings in my life has been knowing you and your family (and extended family) on a more fond and close level. Through dialogue with you all, I have been shown where I can better my life through faith, in emotion and by action.

    One thing I have definitely found to be true is that growing always has pains, even if it’s not a physical growing.

    January 4, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    • Lew

      I am very glad you are experiencing growth, and yes, it seems that it always has a price. I’ve found, though, that it’s worth it.

      January 5, 2012 at 12:30 am