Living at the convergence of faith and art.

FAITH Driven / Not CHRISTIAN Artist

Snow at Wildi HouseIt’s a discussion (I don’t waste my time in debate or argument) that’s literally as old as the hills.  When we live as Disciples of Christ, what does that really look like?  In my art-making, I’m searching for and realizing that context whenever I work to make meaning – art.

FAITH is what powers my art-making.  FAITH is what I need to choose a color, blindly create a texture, or sketch an image that’s a mere blur in my mind when I’m awakened in the middle of the night with an “idea”.  FAITH drives the confidence engine I need to keep making art even when I’m experiencing a lag in self-confidence.  FAITH in God’s design of me and my life; in His divine plan for the good work He has begun in me and which He will see to completion.  FAITH propels me forward even when I see no way to move.  FAITH says that my art is from God for this world.  FAITH says, “I need you to create, to communicate My messages to people who need to “listen”.  FAITH says not to worry about whether it will “work”, but to simply do my very best.

Here’s an awesome “poem” that clearly speaks to this tough-love truth.  May I suggest you REPLAY this piece several times.  Every word in this poem speaks volumes of truth to us all.

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus | YouTube | Jeff Bethke/bball1989

MERE RELIGION is nothing more than dried up, over-regulated, rituals and rules which have absolutely no meaning.  MERE RELIGION actually keeps us from God; it gets in the way.  MERE RELIGION is what Jesus railed against simply because it stood between God and His people. MERE RELIGION is a dead lifestyle of dead works. MERE RELIGION is dead, closed, and restrictive.  MERE RELIGION is precisely what Martin Luther questioned when he nailed his 95 Theses on the front door of the church.

FAITH however is a living, life-giving, breathing, life-changing relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.  FAITH is taking risks, making mistakes, and believing in what cannot be seen.  FAITH is alive.  FAITH is as tough as our willingness to submit to God the Father and follow Him wherever, whenever.  FAITH is open, organic, relational, living, dynamic, and powerful.

CHOICE is within everyone’s grasp because Christ’s death & resurrection makes that possible.  I choose FAITH over MERE RELIGION any day.  My life, my art, my marriage are all driven by, nourished by and nurtured by my walk in FAITH.


What does FAITH-driven art-making look like for you?  How does your FAITH in God, through Christ, empower, nurture, nourish, and make works of meaning?


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