Living at the convergence of faith and art.

2012 Round Up

2013 New Year

New Year’s is just around the corner. This year didn’t see the completion of most of my goals, but I’ve been blessed in many other, often unexpected ways.

The On-Going Conversation

I’ve made my way into the conversation of Faith & Art here in the northwest, and am very glad of it too. I’ve met more new faith-driven creatives in this one year than I have in the last ten. I am really excited to find such a vibrant community of faith-driven creatives who share common needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Seattle Art & Coffee – We meet approximately every 2-weeks and discuss a broad range of topics. It’s one of the most nourishing bi-weekly feasts in my creative life.  Look us up on FaceBook.

IMAGE Journal – I was very recently invited to participate in a vision casting conversation regarding the Journal’s on-going role here in the Pacific Northwest. It was a wonderful glimpse into the offerings of IMAGE Journal as a focal point in the Faith & Arts community.

Kindling’s – Top of the charts; highlight of my year – Last October I was given a life-changing invitation to attend a Kindling’s Hearth. It’s an intimate gathering of thoughtful creatives in a beautiful lodge above Cle Elum, Washington. We shared where we’re at, what we’re doing, and where we’re going as faith-driven creatives.

We were a gathering of performance artists, singer/song-writers, album producers, movement artists, and visual artists. What joined us all was our deep and abiding faith in God, and the common challenges we all face regardless of the medium in which we thrive. I came away from that experience a very different creative person.

Breaking New Creative Ground

Collage Quilt Block: "Water Garden"

“Water Garden” (c) 2011 / Lew Curtiss

Creatively I’ve broken through -again- into new territory. As much as I’ve enjoyed making them, I’ve grown well past the single panel Collage Quilt-blocks I began with and now am making works 2-foot square. These pieces have opened me up to many new ways of working with the 9-patch collage squares and has lead to an understanding of my inspirational media; quilts, stained-glass, and mosaics.

These 4-panel works continue to present new and exciting visual beauty as I work with the infinite arrangements of visual and physical textures, geometric arrangements, and myriad colors.

The brand new body of work I’m starting this next year will be influenced by these media all in the context of Collage/Mixed-Media works. I’m moving into story narratives.  There’s going to be lots of new processes and new work as a result.

New Intentions

Personal Website – I am often asked, and rightly so; do I have a website? I mean, I am a visual artist after all and I ought to have work up for people to see. So I’m doing my homework to find out what I need to make this happen. It’s vitally important to the work I’m doing and it’s about time I just bite the bullet and get it up and running.

New Show Bookings – You know, when you make visual art, and especially if it’s for sale, it ought to be out there on public view so potential buyers can have a good look at the work. This is another area of my arts practice that I’m going to develop by working to stay way ahead of the curve.

New Studio Space & Work Practices – Now that we have a new in-home studio space that’s 2.5-times larger, complete with small workshop, restroom, and wash-sink facilities, I’m going to be able to produce more work far more easily.

My Artist’s Journal is full of new ideas for works this year, so there’s no shortage of new pieces to create.

And most importantly; All of what I do in my Arts Practice is faith-driven – period. God has revealed to me that the entire purpose of my life is to bring Him glory by becoming all that He has created me to become. That person is an artist, making meaning everyday and offering it to Him to do with as He will.

I hope you’re as excited about the New Year as I am.


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