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“Why”: A work in progress

"Why" Collage Artwork

“Why” / (c) 2013 Lewis M. Curtiss jr~
Mixed-Media Collage on masonite panel.
11×14 approx.

I don’t usually write much about what I’m making, but with this work I’m venturing into some new territory.  I’ve been on a journey lately to discover and develop a visual storytelling vocabulary I can use in these kinds of art pieces.  I’ve made some good progress, which is why I’m rather excited about sharing it with you.

I’m inspired by stained glass, quilts, and mosaic artworks.  They’re all segmented art-forms and offer a great deal of creative ground for all sorts of collage work.  I’m also gaining experience with copper wire; using it as line and physical divider.

The stained glass window is made of segments of my hand-painted papers.  The window frame and structure is being done in hammered copper wire.

The “stone” wall is made of handmade paper my daughter created years ago in our homeschool.  It’s heavily textured and highly absorbent, so it has a great look of stone and takes all kinds of water-based pigmentation.  The work is mounted on masonite temperboard,

The working title is “Why”.  For me it’s that eternal question we ask grown-ups when we’re little.  When we become adults, believers or no, most of us ask this same question to God.  I dislike artworks which tell a viewer what they’re about, or what the story is.  I like it better when you, the viewer, bring yourself and your story to the experience of reading the piece.  So it’s up to you what’s on his mind.

I’ll be finished with this in the next few days and will make either a floating frame or some sort of shadow-box for it.  Then I catalogue it and we’ll see where it goes from there.


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