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Summer: It Changes Everything!

From Alki LighthouseSummer – it’s here, as of this weekend, Memorial Day. Three months of changed seasons, and with it changed experiences. Summer’s here, and I have Summer goals, and Summer activities, and Summer thinking. When Summer hits Seattle, everyone comes out of their Hobbit holes. The streets are filled with people taking it all in.

I know we are chided all across the nation for having so many gray days, but real, true Seattleites go out anyway. We love misty Spring rains; when it’s warm and there’s a rain shower of fine mist falling, and we don’t care that we’re in shorts and a T-shirt.

58 Days of Sun

According to KOMO 4 Weather, “Seattle only averages 58 sunny days a year with, on average, about 10-12 for each of the summer months so that doesn’t leave much left for the other nine months. Indeed, Seattle and its 220 overcast days ranks as the cloudiest major city in the U.S. and only ranks a little behind Forks and Astoria, Ore. of major weather stations that track the data.” So when the sun does come out, you can bet we Seattleites are out soakin’ up the vitamin D.

This whole sense of a seasonal shift gets me looking for new creativity. There’ll be Street Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, and gallery openings in abundance. It’s the energy that gets me excited. I tend to get out more, something I’ve been lacking lately.

Creative Permission

Summer seems to be a permission season for me. The change of season seems to fuel new experimentation, seeking new ideas, methods, and techniques. I’m going to be building paper-making equipment, mould & deckles, pulp tank, and vertical press. I’m going to be experimenting with various materials and methods to make paper for my collage work, my journal covers, and maybe journal pages – we’ll see what develops.

I’ll certainly be painting and drying new batches of hand-painted paper-stocks for art making. This is best done when the weather’s not so cold out there in the garage. Besides, the paint dries a whole lot faster.

I’ve set some new goals for both my online ETSY site – Fingerprints, and for show & sell opportunities of a growing body of new work. Lately I’ve been focused on making Copticbound Journals. The last batch I put into the bolt press numbered 15; that’s 30 new covers, and 60 new signatures (sections) of pages. I love stitching these journals together, it’s so relaxing, giving me good thinking time.

Your Thoughts;

Do you have Summer art-making plans? Does the bright, new energy of Summer move you into new creativity?